Tuesday 6 August 2013

Launch of Australian Curriculum resource for Milk Cream & Butter

We launched the first of our Australian Curriculum education resources at the 2013 conference of the History Teachers' Association of Western Australia. Amid champagne flutes of chilled milk and gifts of butter we unveiled the education resource that accompanies the Milk Cream & Butter virtual exhibition on our website.

The first resource, and another eight which are on the way, provide information, activities and worksheets for teachers that can be used from the classroom with content on our website. This makes them useful for schools located anywhere in Australia! They are mostly suitable for lower primary years and directly connect to the new Australian Curriculum. The resource can be previewed or downloaded in full from:

Please register your name and e-mail address if you'd like to be updated when we add new resource packs. If you use our Milk Cream & Butter resource we'd appreciate your anonymous feedback via our very short feedback form. We'd also love to share any work created by your students here on our blog - simply e-mail copies and some info to andrew@carnamah.com.au.

As an aside, we surveyed some of the attendees on their favourite flavoured milk. Chocolate, coffee and banana were the stand-outs with appearances of caramel, strawberry, skim, vanilla and good old plan milk. Our thanks to all of those who attended our session and to Maree Whiteley who spurred this project on with a comment on our Facebook wall back in April 2012.

Our Milk, Cream & Butter resource was made by Ignite Your Audience for and in partnership with the Carnamah Historical Society. It was possible thanks to support from the Western Australian History Foundation.

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