Friday 29 November 2019

Less Hysterical Objectives for the Future of History

The Carnamah Historical Society was formed in 1983 and was incorporated in 1992 when the Carnamah Museum was established. Like many other community organisations around Western Australia, we recently updated our Rules of Association (or constitution) to be compliant with new legislation.

During this process we modernised our organisational objectives to reflect the work we do and our aspirations for the future. At times, some historical societies are referred to as hysterical societies due to possessive control of collections, resistance to change or from focusing solely on colonial or British settlers to the exclusion of all others.

We are very pleased to share our redefined objectives which have been developed for us to continue as a modern, progressive and inclusive heritage organisation. Our objectives align us to stay focused on the sharing, protection and promotion of history for the betterment of the community.

Our revised objectives are:
  • Foster interest and understanding of local history and heritage;
  • Research, compile, document and reference information, stories and memories pertaining to the people and places of Carnamah and surrounding communities;
  • Make local history freely accessible through the publishing and sharing of images and information;
  • Foster respect and appreciation of Aboriginal history, heritage and culture;
  • Collect, record, preserve, interpret and promote objects, photographs and archival material relating to the history and heritage of Carnamah and surrounding communities;
  • Manage, develop and promote the Carnamah Museum;
  • Manage, conserve, activate and promote the state heritage listed Macpherson Homestead;
  • Undertake research and compile information to facilitate Aboriginal family history, reconciliation, intergenerational healing and to acknowledge connection to country;
  • Nurture the expression of history and heritage through creative and artistic endeavours;
  • Provide opportunities for physical and online volunteering;
  • Build stronger local communities by fostering sense of place, connection and identity through the sharing of stories;
  • Encourage the conservation of built, indigenous and environmental heritage;
  • Play an active role in heritage and cultural tourism in the Mid West region;
  • Assist other history, heritage, arts and cultural organisations with advice and guidance;
  • Collaborate with community organisations, local governments, educational institutions, the private sector and government agencies; and
  • Establish and maintain a public fund for the Carnamah Museum.

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