Saturday 26 October 2013

First Prize at the 1940 Carnamah Agricultural Show

The Carnamah townsite celebrated its centenary in conjunction with the annual North Midlands Agricultural Show over the second weekend of September 2013. Many former residents and those with ancestral connections returned to Carnamah for the event, including 84 year old Helen Green.

Helen, who before marriage was a Rowland, was born in 1928 and grew up on Red Hill Farm in Carnamah. In 1940 she won a 1st prize in the Carnamah Agricultural Show for Standard III of Needlework. Helen still had the ticket and the needlework that won the prize, and had them with her when in Carnamah in September - some 73 years later! She kindly allowed us to take a copy of both, which can be seen below...

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