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Peace Day Celebrations in Carnamah in 1919

94 years ago the people of Carnamah gathered together to celebrate Peace Day - the official end of the First World War. The day comprised of mostly horse and children's races and was followed by a dance in the evening. Below is a full report on the day's festivities from The Moora Herald and Midland Districts Advocate newspaper.

Friday 25 July 1919

Carnamah Notes [From Our Own Correspondent]

"One of the brightest days ever held at Carnamah was celebrated on the ever-to-be-remembered Peace Day, July 19, and the committee must indeed feel pleased with themselves over the success of the meeting. One of the chief items of the day was the race for the fine Cup presented by the committee to the winner of the Peace Cup Race which resulted in it going one of our neighbours of Winchester, Mr L. Parker. After one of the most exciting race seen for some time on our course resulted in a victory for Mr L. Parker's horse Winchester. The winner received a great reception when he returned to the scale.

Children's races opened the proceedings in the morning. Mr T. Davieson, who had charge of the horse racing events, started the ball rolling with the novelty race, and the racing was all that could be desired. After a good afternoon's outing a dance was held in the evening and one thing that the people of this district can boast of is, the music of their district., which is indeed well worth travelling a few miles to dance to. Miss Davieson and Mr C. Robertson played the piano, assisted by Mr S. Sturtbridge and Mr J. Clinch on their violins and Mr H. Berry on the flute. Great credit is indeed due to the musicians who helped to make the evening such a success. Dancing was indulged in until the early house of the morning. During the evening the president of the race committee (Mr J. Lang) presented the cup to Mr Parker, and, after a brief address by the chairman in making the presentation to Mr Parker stepped onto the platform, to receive it. Mr Parker expressed his great pleasure in receiving such a memorable cup from the committee as it was only once in a lifetime that such a cup would be competed for.

Novelty Race - Walk once round, trot once round, gallop once round the course.
     Mr D. Macpherson's Charcoal. Won by a neck.
     Other starters - Birdie, Dandy, Canary, Rusty Wheat, Jun Jun, Grianaig.
Peace Cup - Cup presented by committee to winner, with 5s sweepstake.
     Mr L. Park's Winchester 1. Won by a head.
     Other starters - Kitty, Younga, Wild Joe, Canary, Chestnut Canary, La Carnamah
Hack Race - Mr D. Macpherson's Wild Joe 1; L. Parker's Windy 2. Won by one length.
     Other starters - Birdie, Grianaig, Chester, Younga, Carnella.
Farmer's Race (for farm horses only) -  Mr J. Rooke's Rusty Wheat 1.
     Other starters - Jun Jun, Scoty, Billaroo.
Hurry Scurry - Mr T. Bonham's Birdie 1. Won by a head.
     Other starters - Carnella, Younga, Lady Bird, Chestnut Canary, Chester.
Trotting Handicap - Mr D. Fitzsimmon's Dandy 1.
     Other starters - Grianaig, Charcoal, Darkie.

Other Events
Footballer's Handicap, 75 yards - Mr A. Mortimer, 1. Married Ladies Race, Mrs H. McNamara, 1.
Single Ladies Race, Miss O. Parkin, 1. Old Buffer's Race, Mr D. Macpherson.

Children's Races
Boys' 4 to 6 years - A. Watson 1, C Starling 2, E McNamara 3. 6 to 8 years - G. McNamara 1, J. Simpson 2, J. Darling 3. 8 to 10 years - W. Turner 1, E. Clark 2, J. Darling 3. 10 to 12 years - P. Rooke 1, L. Watson 2, N. Watson 3. Girls' 4 to 6 years - R. Woods 1, E. Booth and E. Turner, dead heat, 2. 8 to 10 years - M. Turner 1, J. Woods 2, L. Starling 3. 6 to 8 years - E. Watson 1, E. Booth 2. 10 to 12 years - M. Parkin 1, D. Clark 2, N. Darling 3. 12 to 14 years - B. Booth 1, A. Woods 2, M. Simpson 3."

Further information on the people mentioned in the above article can be found in the Carnamah-Winchester Database on our website.

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