Thursday 25 April 2013

Virtual Museum: Roads to Government

The first form of local government in regional Western Australia was introduced with the passing of the Road Districts Act in 1871. It resulted in the formation of road boards who were then responsible for overseeing the maintenance and development of local roads. Over the years enormous road boards gradually got smaller in size and took on responsibility for a lot more than roads. Our virtual museum was recently expanded to look at the simple beginnings and vast evolution of local government. It can be visited online via the below link...

Signatures of the members and secretary of the Carnamah District Road Board
at the opening of the Carnamah Post Office in 1932

Our objects and images for this virtual exhibit were enriched thanks to images from:

State Records Office of Western Australia
Upper Irwin Road Board - Roads Boards Minute Book 1903-1906
Series 2558, Consignment 6530, Item No. 01

Shire of Carnamah
Photographs of Road Board chairmen and Shire Council presidents
Photograph of Carnamah District Road Board in 1933
Photograph of New Ford Trucks in 1966
Permission to photograph Road Board chair and clock

Red Nomad Oz / Amazing Australian Adventures
Photograph of Rowland Road in Winchester, South Carnamah

Roads to Government was part of a project funded by the Department of Culture and the Arts aimed at sharing and promoting more of our collection to broader audiences. The project included the creation of six new virtual museum exhibits on our website:

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