Sunday 14 April 2013

Regional Agricultural Show Schedules - 18 Now Online

The schedules from local agricultural shows provide a wonderful snapshot of the past. They list financial members, officials, donors, judges and are filled with advertisements of local businesses. There are also adverts for businesses in Perth and Geraldton who were wanting to promote to local markets.

We are pleased to reveal that we've recently made 18 of these insightful booklets available online. We've tried to make the selection as broad as possible with a spread from 1933 to 2012. We've also included one from Mingenew, two from Three Springs and two from Coorow.

Mingenew:  1946

Three Springs:  1939  1948

Carnamah:  1933  1939  1945  1951  1956  1963  1970

Coorow-Waddy Forest:  1937  1948

North Midlands:  1979  1988  1994  1999  2003  2012

Links to the schedules can also be found within our Virtual Museum. You're welcome to download any of the images - simply click on the image to bring it up full screen, click "View all sizes" near the top right corner and then choose what size/quality you'd like to save.

The above schedules were made available as part of a project funded by the Department of Culture and the Arts aimed at sharing and promoting more of our collection to broader audiences. The project also included the creation of six new virtual museum exhibits on our website:

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