Sunday 7 June 2015

You've probably heard of the pub with no beer, but what about ...

The Canberra Times newspaper in the Australian Capital Territory reported the following, on 27 September 1989, under the headline of You cannot even be put in jail in Carnamah, WA.

PERTH: You've probably heard of the pub with no beer, but what about the jailers with no jail?

Two police officers in the Western Australian town of Carnamah, 291km north of Perth, have not been able to use their station, a 40-year-old weatherboard building, since it was declared unfit for human habitation last year, and the outdoor toilet has been condemned.

Constable Stephen Shinnick said yesterday they had to drive prisoners 22km to a lock-up in another town after making an arrest, and when the officers needed to use the toilet, they had to go home.

The Carnamah Shire Council has written to the Western Australian Minister for Police, Ian Taylor, complaining about the dilapidated condition of the facilities.

Carnamah JP Bernard Brand said the station was "well and truly" due for replacement. He said a house provided next to the station for the officer in charge was also run down. "I wouldn't live in it myself," Mr Brand said. "At a push it's better than living in the rain."

Mr Taylor agreed the station and quarters urgently needed improvements. He said the facilities would be renovated and upgraded and the town, with a population of more than 500, would eventually get a new police complex.

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