Wednesday 9 May 2012

One Year, 40 Posts and in the Top 50

One year ago on 9 May 2011 we launched our blog with its first post entitled The Decision to Blog! We're pleased to mark this year old milestone with our 40th post.

We're also very excited to reveal that we're one of three societies that made it into Inside History magazine's Top 50 Genealogy Blogs, as compiled by Jill Ball.

Over the past year we have shared many things on our blog from Carnamah's Place at the National Museum of Australia (which caused a bit of a stir in WA historical and museum circles!) to progress with our museum with Museum Extension Photos and Window to the Past.

We've been pleased to share some very well received history pieces such as The Story of Bulk Wheat Handling, Thomas the Bushranger and the S.S. Koombana's Connections to the North Midlands.

Sometimes it is nice to simply look at good photos and for this reason we posted the wonderful Coorow Photographs by Dave Curtis, Photographs of Mid West Wildflowers by Cliff Winfield and the more historic Harvest in Winchester in the 1920s.

History can be analysed in so many ways and we enjoyed using new technology to bring some new insights with our post Mentions of Carnamah in Australian Newspapers. It was also great to share some history in the making with Capacity Reached at CBH = Wheat on the Ground from when Co-operative Bulk Handling in Carnamah started storing wheat in piles on the ground in late 2011.

We look forward to sharing more over the coming twelve months and hope you will join us in wishing our blog a Happy 1st Birthday!


Leigh Mackintosh said...

Happy birthday and may there be many more. I really enjoy reading the blogs and catching up with Carnamah news; past and present.

Carnamah Historical Society said...

Many thanks for your good wishes Leigh

John B said...

Happy birthday? Terrific blog and site. Keep up the good work.

Carnamah Historical Society said...

Thanks John, and we intend to!

Roxy East said...

One year already, congratulations on an amazing feat. Magnificent site, very well maintained and an absolute joy to visit and be part of, thankyou!