Tuesday 2 August 2011

Carnamah's Virtual Museum

mu·se·um /myo͞oˈzēəm/
Noun: A building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited.

Buggy Lamp

Traditionally a museum has been a building, and it has housed objects that are actually there. The internet offers new opportunities! Today we have uploaded the first theme to the Virtual Museum section of our website. This section will tell five very different but connected stories that have had a strong bearing on Carnamah and its past.

The first theme is now live on our website! It includes photographs of some very unique objects in addition to historic portraits, photographs and a map. Together they tell the story of the Macpherson family who immigrated from Scotland to South Australia, and then onward to Western Australia.

Through the unfortunates of debt and fire the Macpherson family were evicted from the property they leased at Newcastle, in the Toodyay district. They moved to the then wilderness of Carnamah where they made not only a name for themselves but also the name for the district.

The four themes still to come are the Midland Railway, Ready Made Farms, 10 Macpherson Street and Milk Cream & Butter. With a touch of hard work and a bit of luck we hope to upload a new theme each week and have all five online by early September.

You can take a look at our first Virtual Museum theme on our website.

Silver Key presneted to Donald Macpherson at the opening of the Carnamah Hall in 1921

Take a look at our first Virtual Museum exhibition on our website.

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