Sunday 17 February 2013

Virtual Museum: The Midland Railway

These days the Midland Railway doesn't do much more than transport grain but when it opened in 1894 it dramatically changed Carnamah's position. The district went from a place of great remoteness to one connected by rail to Perth and Geraldton. Over the years the railway has served many purposes, played many roles and remains significant today. We're delighted to invite you to click on the below link and check out our fourth virtual exhibit:

Our objects and images have been enriched thanks to images from the collections of the following five organisations:
Registers - Prisoners Confined in Geraldton Prison

Series 677, Consignment No. 4187, Item No. 01

Three Springs Centenary Collection, Photograph No. 60
Loading Ballast between Three Springs and Arrino
Photograph R4310, Wheat Stack at Carnamah
Photograph P7452, Gunyidi Disaster 1917
Photograph 6050PD, Midland Railway Engine at Watheroo

Photograph 4657/72, Midland Railway Passenger Carriage

Police Gazette, Western Australia
; 1921, page 253

Our virtual museum is undergoing a rapid transformation thanks to support from the Department of Culture and the Arts. The Midland Railway is to be shortly followed by another five new virtual exhibits and the online publication of 18 agricultural show schedules from Coorow, Carnamah, Three Springs, Mingenew and the North Midlands.

Our virtual museum now comprises of four virtual exhibitions:

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