Friday 1 June 2012

The Letter 'C'

Gould Genealogy recently launched the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge. To take part family historians are blogging about what each letter means to them, their family or their research. The challenge has progressed to the letter 'C' and we felt it was about time we joined in with what the letter 'C' means to us...

'C' is for Carriage, as used along the Midland Railway
Photo courtesy of the State Library of Western Australia

'C' is for Coorow

'C' is for Cows and Cattle,
as shown in our Milk, Cream & Butter virtual exhibition

'C' is for Commonwealth electoral rolls

'C' is for Coronation medal, as featured in our post
75 Years: George VI Coronation Medal found in Carnamah

'C' is for Carter Street in Three Springs
Taken in March 2010, courtesy of Google Maps

'C' is for Cemetery, and we have five in our online cemetery search
(Moora, Winchester, Three Springs, Perenjori and Mingenew)


'C' is for Caron Street in Carnamah
Taken in March 2010, courtesy of Google Maps

Obviously, 'C' is for Carnamah
'C' is also for Comment, which can can leave below this post!


Gould Genealogy said...

Wow, I totally love this post. The pics are are awesome.

Roxy East said...

C is for congratulations Andrew you've done an amazing job! C is for Corr ive made 2 pictures in this posting, Coin and Caron St Carnamah. C is for Champion and we are lucky to have a dedicated Chap like yourself taking Charge :D

Anonymous said...

C is for 'clap clap clap clap' and for cheering from the crowd.

Well done that chap Bowman



Alex Daw said...

Lovely post...very I know what to blog about !!

Carnamah Historical Society said...

Thank you Gould Genealogy, Roxy, Sandra and Alex!