Monday 8 August 2011

Preview of Ready Made Farms

The next installment coming soon to our Virtual Museum is Ready Made Farms. The below advertisement for the farms gives a nice impression. Promotional material like this was distributed in England, Scotland and India encouraging the British to buy a ready made farm in Carnamah, Wichester or Coorow. Was the reality "an assured living from the very start" as promoted? Find out soon!

Note the illustrative contrast between the man of England the man of Western Australia!

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Peter said...

I particularly noted the illustrative contrast before I noticed your caption, in fact.

Further, my interpretation is that the Englishman is despondent (downcast eyes) because he wishes that he also had sunburnt cheeks and could save time by only having one tooth to brush and spend that extra time pushing an old-timey plough through the desert. I expect to see his no doubt cheap, knee-high leather boot scuffed as he digs his toe in the dirt and wrings his Homburg in dismay!

Bushward ho!