Monday 9 May 2011

The decision to blog!

In 2010 I was invited to write a post for the Outreach Blog of Collections Australia Network (CAN). I had never written a blog before but it seemed like great publicity for our society and museum - so I readily accepted.

They were keen for me to write about:
  • The development of our website
  • Why our focus was so heavily on people
  • How that focus fed back into our museum and its collection
  • The reaction to online publishing and sensitive information

I attempted to incorporate all of these points into one blog post but failed quite miserably. I instead wrote four posts and decided CAN could use whichever ones they wanted (or all of them, should I have been so favoured!).

Timing was against us, or so it turned out. A few weeks after I e-mailed in the blog posts CAN had its funding withdrawn and ceased to operate.

Our blog posts? Unfortunately they never made it online. It initially seemed like a bit of waste but not any more - as we now have our own blog! We will publish them here and then will start the task of writing a regular blog!


Linda said...

Wonderful posts - have subscribed to you and will come back and have a look in detail soon.

Andrew Bowman-Bright said...

Hi Linda, thanks for the feedback and welcome to our blog :)