Friday, 9 November 2012

Subdivision of Irwin by Virtual Volunteers: E-F Now Online

Back in May 2012 we put the call out for virtual volunteers to help index Commonwealth Electoral Rolls for the Subdivision of Irwin. Six months on we can report that the first 25 years of rolls have been indexed and are now going live! The indexed data is being used to enrich the Coorow-Waddy, Carnamah-Winchester and Three Springs databases. It is also being shared online as it's a historical resource in its own right!

We owe a multitude of thanks to the wonderful people who assisted us from near and afar! From Carnamah to Perth, around WA, to the Eastern States of Australia and overseas to England - thank you Brandon Holmes, John Rydings, Katya White, Leigh Mackintosh, Lesly Singleton, Lorna Bradley, Marcia Watson, Margaret Gillingwater, Maria Wimbridge, Mary Clews, Noel Callow, Quoy Bradbury, Ross Croft, Roxy East, Sandie Keeble, Sandra Cole, Tamara McPhee and Teresa Gumina.

Surnames starting with E and F are now online here and will soon be followed by other alphabetical sections. The Irwin subdivision included the districts of Dongara, Morawa, Mingenew, Three Springs, Perenjori, Carnamah, Coorow, Dalwallinu, Moora, Dandaragan, Wongan Hills, Moore River, Gingin and Chittering. There are 874 entries for E and F surnames which is only about six percent of the total - so there's about 14,000 more on the way!

This endeavour stirred up a bit of intrigue resulting in presentations to Museums Australia WA and the State Library of Western Australia, and some press within the Federation of Australian Historical Societies. This kind of collaboration is nothing new and has been used by corporations such as for some time. What was new, however, was it being used by a small non-profit organisation in regional Western Australia.

If you're interested in taking part our original call out still stands:

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