Tuesday, 10 January 2012

From 1942 in 2012: Follow the "North Midland Times"

Through 2012 we're going to work our way through reporting the news that the North Midland Times reported in the wartime year of 1942 - 70 years ago. To read the posts please follow the North Midland Times on FacebookGoogle+ or Twitter.

1942 was a dramatic year. Australia was at war and many men had enlisted and left home. There were severe labour shortages resulting in social changes while rationing, restrictions and shortages in supplies completely changed the way those at home lived their lives.

So often history is viewed from a broad perspective - how it affected the world, a country, a state or city. We hope that these posts will give greater insights into how it was a for a group of four country communities known as the North Midlands.

To get a localised insight into life in wartime 1942 please take a look at the North Midland Times on on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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